Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Customer Satisfaction

Recently I purchased some minicards from, for use at Mocana and personal ones for my wife and I.  If you haven't checked these out, minicards are a great way to stand out - and cheap and easy to make.

The purpose of this post is to comment on the excellent job that Moo does on customer satisfaction - these guys get it.  They were polite, to the point, and didn't take a lot of my time.

A week after my order I received the following email:

Hello Phil Montgomery.

We've met before, I'm Little MOO, the piece of software that manages your order with I hope you've now received - and are happy with - your most recent purchase with us. If it hasn't arrived yet please don't worry, you can check-up on your order here:

As you know, we like to think our customers are happy with the things they've made at MOO, and the best way to find out is to ask. If you have time, we'd love it if you could answer just 3 short questions about your most recent experience with us, it'll help us make things better for everyone:

Thank you for your help, Little MOO

PS You've received this email as a standard part of the MOO order process. If you'd rather I didn't ask for your feedback on future orders, you can take yourself off the list at the following url

Thanks, and sorry to bother you

What a great email - concise and humorous.  I was cautious about clicking to the survey, as most of them ask too much information and take too much time.  The last Marriott survey I did took screen after screen of information, so I abandoned it after about 4 screens.  This happens a lot - likely because every department adds a few questions, and before you know it, there are 40 questions and the survey takes 20 minutes to complete.

So here's the moo 3 questions, on the survey hosted by surveymonkey:

Absolutely perfect - very quickly they have an indication of customer satisfaction, and can follow up if there are issues.

Very nice, and something to copy

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