Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Art of Product Management

I recently completed reading "The Art of Product Management" by Rich Mironov, and can highly recommend picking up a copy 

Unlike other books that take a more academically theoretical approach, Rich's book is based on solid experience and proven success. As someone who has managed many products and Product Management teams, I wish I had found this book earlier, and it will now be mandatory for my teams. And as well as product managers this book is ideal for executives in all areas - sales, engineering and marketing to get their heads around what makes a product successful. 

I like the way this book is organized as a collection of thoughts, rather than a lengthy tome that needs to be read carefully in order to gain any benefit. You can open this book to almost any chapter and get great advice and thoughts - on topics from pricing, to sales, packaging, and politics. The use of multiple analogies makes the concepts and lessons easier to understand. 

Successful Product Management is not well understood, and Rich has made a great contribution to really defining what is important.

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