Saturday, April 4, 2009

SF Startup Weekend in progress

This weekend I am up at the San Francisco Startup Weekend, just to have some fun and meet new friends.  So far it's exceeded all my expectations.  After hearing all the pitches, a number of us who were interested in email got together, and picked an idea that could be completed in the weekend.

We're building a web service that allows you to snooze emails for a certain period of time, and then remind you to respond.  Our working name is SnoozeMail, and we are each working on different aspects of the project - I am doing Marketing/Product Management stuff, Al is a User Experience designer and is crafting the web site, Allan/Peter/Stig are our coders, and have decided to do the prototype using Rails.  This morning we got alignment on the problem we are solving, created the requirements, and the coders decided the architecture.

You can follow our progress on twitter -

A group list of all the attendees is at

Our web site is

Tomorrow at 7pm we present our completed product, and have 5 minutes.  Less than 24 hours to have our product working and have the presentation nailed.

The Snoozemail team

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